Trench-less pipe installation with moling technology

Laying new water supply pipes without digging trenches!

At Heaton Water Services we embrace the latest techniques and equipment, so we can provide water pipe replacement services that save time, money and minimise disruption. We adopted the ‘moling’ technology for this exact reason – it offers an innovative way to create underground channels for conduits and pipe replacements with very little disturbance above ground.

With our trench-less water pipe replacement we employ a “mole” to do the digging for us – a small pneumatic device that burrows and hammers its way through the ground. We start by digging  a small entry pit – usually around 3 feet square and 3 feet deep and from here we start the moling process, sending  the unit horizontally towards the destination pit.

The benefits of moling are huge, allowing us to dig small holes instead of a long, deep trench that may need to cut through gardens, driveways or pavement. With the smart use of moling, we’re able to provide a much more discreet installation with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

Moling has significantly reduced the time it takes for water pipe replacement, and the resulting savings in manpower and materials are passed on to the client, providing a more cost-effective and efficient method of installing new pipes.

Reduced Mess

With trench-less pipe laying equipment we can reduce excavation work by over 95% leaving your home and garden much tidier than conventional methods.

Direct Routing

Instead of digging long trenches around the perimeter of your garden or along the edges of your driveway, we can now tunnel directly underneath without causing damage!

Cost Effective

Moling techniques make many water pipe replacement and repair jobs quicker and easier when compared to digging trenches – and this saving gets passed on to you!

Less Disruption

Because we can now lay pipes and ducting directly beneath your garden or driveway without digging a trench there is much less disruption to your property than before.

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    Excellent communication from the start, reasonable quote, quality work, started on time, finished as planned, real pleasure to work with.  I cannot recommend Shane enough and I will be inviting him again for other projects that I have.

    Jackie Hunt,

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    I can't thank Shane enough.  It was gone 9pm when I spoke to him and within an hour Shane and his colleague were here and digging around the broken mains pipe in the back garden. They worked till almost midnight fixing the leak in the most awkward of places and in the dark.  They didn't even stop to have a coffee.  Thanks to both of you.

    Mr Raja,

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    Very good.  Job well done.  Would recommend.

    Paul Austin,
    North Finchley

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    Shane was very helpful and professional. Would definitely hire him again.

    James Allen,

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    Just like to say a big thank you for upgrading our lead water service.  The mole was amazing to watch in action.  Also thank you for putting our garden back as you found it.  Great job!

    Andy Gray,
    East Finchley

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    Thanks for doing that repair.  Looks great.  

    Residential Estate Agents

  • Testimonials

    Shane was very easy to deal with and he got the job done quickly and with very little mess.

    Andy Summers,

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    I'd definitely recommend Heaton Water Services - Shane was polite, efficient and knowledgeable as well as very reasonably priced!

    Ken Leet ,

  • Testimonials

    I'm amazed at how quickly and tidily Shane managed to complete his work. He replaced our old water service when we discovered it was lead and he managed to do it all without digging up our new driveway!

    Mary Simons,