Enjoy the benefits of a new water supply

Modern water supply pipes have many advantages over the old lead pipework that they replace. Modern MDPE pipework is not only very strong but its also flexible and very durable. It also commonly has a much larger internal bore diameter allowing for higher flow rates – often instantly solving issues with showers cutting out and slow filling of bathtubs and basins.

Lead pipes were in common use until 1970, and we often find them even in houses that have been renovated extensively after that time with the old lead supply simply soldered onto the modern copper pipe like in the photo opposite! Even when a house has been completely re-plumbed, we often find the underground pipe that links the water main to your home has never been upgraded.

Because we always tell let you know when we spot old lead pipes or other potential health issues it means that you can have peace of mind knowing that when our work is done the water coming out of your taps will be purer and of better quality.

New water supply installation experts

We specialise in the installation of underground water pipes, cables and ducts and are usually able to offer a “no dig – no mess” solution using our moling equipment. Using this technique we only need to dig small pits at the start and end of the pipe run to install the new water pipe or ducting, leaving everything at ground level undisturbed and your from flower beds, lawn and driveway untouched.

In addition, for remote/long distance services across open land we provide all other forms of trenching.

We offer lead pipe replacement services in Potters Bar, Barnet, Borehamwood, Watford, Finchley, Golders Green, Edgware, Cricklewood, Wembley, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Enfield and surrounding areas.

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    Are lead pipes common?

    Yes – before 1970 many small bore water pipes were made from lead. Although lead pipes have not been permitted for this purpose for decades, many properties constructed prior to 1970 still have lead pipes somewhere in the water system. Even when all the plumbing in the house has been upgraded, we often find the old lead pipe that links the house to the water main has been left unchanged.

    Is lead harmful?

    YES! Lead can build up in the body over time, and long term exposure can result in serious health issues! Children up to 6 years of age and pregnant women are the most susceptible to any adverse health effects from the accumulation of lead.

    How do I recognise lead pipes?

    Look at the pipe where it enters your home usually under the kitchen sink. Scratch the surface of the pipe with a knife and if it is lead you will see the shiny silvery coloured metal revealed.

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      Excellent communication from the start, reasonable quote, quality work, started on time, finished as planned, real pleasure to work with.  I cannot recommend Shane enough and I will be inviting him again for other projects that I have.

      Jackie Hunt,

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      I can't thank Shane enough.  It was gone 9pm when I spoke to him and within an hour Shane and his colleague were here and digging around the broken mains pipe in the back garden. They worked till almost midnight fixing the leak in the most awkward of places and in the dark.  They didn't even stop to have a coffee.  Thanks to both of you.

      Mr Raja,

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      Very good.  Job well done.  Would recommend.

      Paul Austin,
      North Finchley

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      Shane was very helpful and professional. Would definitely hire him again.

      James Allen,

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      Just like to say a big thank you for upgrading our lead water service.  The mole was amazing to watch in action.  Also thank you for putting our garden back as you found it.  Great job!

      Andy Gray,
      East Finchley

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      Thanks for doing that repair.  Looks great.  

      Residential Estate Agents

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      Shane was very easy to deal with and he got the job done quickly and with very little mess.

      Andy Summers,

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      I'd definitely recommend Heaton Water Services - Shane was polite, efficient and knowledgeable as well as very reasonably priced!

      Ken Leet ,

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      I'm amazed at how quickly and tidily Shane managed to complete his work. He replaced our old water service when we discovered it was lead and he managed to do it all without digging up our new driveway!

      Mary Simons,